Welcome to our practice and congratulations with your pregnancy!

Due to the Consumer Protection Act and the ethical rules binding us, we advise that you read this summary of the basic rules and requirements associated with this practice.

Dear patient

Congratulations, you’re pregnant. Now its time to be poked, prodded, monitored, measured and observed for about 40 weeks.

The amount of medical testing that happens to a mother between conception and delivery can seem overwhelming —  but there are two lives at stake during this time, and it’s vitally important to make sure they both remain healthy. By taking the right tests at the right times, you will be ensuring the best possible chance of that happening.

This handy guide to the important medical test during pregnancy will help take some of the stress out of all those  doctor visits and let you get back to what truly matters — enjoying the anticipation of bringing a new life into your family.

  1. Ante natal profile bloods that includes Down Syndrome test at 13 weeks and Anti-natal screen which includes HIV Screening (bloods and scan ) NIPT option is also available.
  2. Open spine at 17 weeks.
  • Detail scan first and second trimesters by sonographer.
  1. Scan by Dr Doorewaard on every visit.
  2. CTG cardiotocogram or 2 after 32 weeks.

You will get the following from us, which you are required to carefully read and ask us if you are unclear as to what something means, or what the implications are:

  • A form/file on which you have to complete all personal details, as well as the details of the referring doctor or healthcare practitioner. Please come in earlier, at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment, to complete all the forms including medical history questionnaire.
  • Our fee schedule of our most generally charged codes and/or a quotation for the health services to be provided. When agreeing to healthcare services, it carries a certain value to which you would have to agree. This is called “informed billing consent”. PLEASE NOTE: NO BILLING IS TO BE DISCUSSED WITH DR, FOR ANY QUERIES PLEASE SEE ANGELENE IN ROOM 1
  • Information about the treatment and/or procedures you require. In some cases, you may get further material to read. You have to agree to the treatment and/or procedure before we can commence. We call this “informed consent”. You have the right to know what your treatment options are, as well as the risks, benefits and costs of each. In healthcare there are many aspects that impact on outcomes and there are always risks. But not undergoing treatment may be as bad for you as the risks that sometimes scare people!
  • Dr is only making use of CORMED and EMFULENI MEDI CLINIC.
  • HPCSA Health Professions Council of South Africa states.

The majority of medical schemes require their members to obtain authorization before receiving services from healthcare practitioners registered under the Health Professions Act. While acting in the best interest of their patients, we offer to assist you , unfortunately this left members of medical aid schemes with the impression that it is the healthcare practitioner’s responsibility to obtain permission from their medical aid schemes, and it is not,  the responsibility remains with the patient , ask for HPCSA copy of permission if clarity is needed. On summary please note it stays you as a patients responsibility to familiarize yourself with your medical including benefits, conditions and billing.

  • Please it is important that you know your benefit status, referral restrictions, savings and please register to the maternity program. All monies not paid by medical aid will be paid cash/card in full by patients on the day of the visit, no accounts will stand over.
  • Please take note of the following. During your first prenatal visit, you will be screened for potential medical issues or other concerns that could affect your pregnancy. It is your choice that this practice takes care of your antenatal visits and delivery.

If you have any, please bring with you: previous laboratory test results, your x-rays and details of the referring doctor or healthcare practitioner and any reports s/he might have written.

At the appointment we may send you to another practitioner and/or for x-rays or different tests. This may cause delays in the time you spend at the practice, but is in your best interest. We have a strict policy to help such patients next when they return. The same policy applies to patients after surgery, who have to be seen as a priority. Please be patient if you have to wait as a result of this policy.


In healthcare practices we are under a legal / ethical duty to help the most urgent cases first. Please be patient if such circumstances arise – we would do the same for you!

You are always welcome to ask us for clarity, more information and/or for explanations. It is your duty to indicate to us if you are uncertain, or if you did not understand anything. PLEASE NOTE: ANY FORMS THAT NEEDS TO BE FILLED IN OR ANY OTHER MEDICAL QUERIES PLEASE SEE SR NAOMI IN PHARMACY.

We are happy to assist!

Dr G. de H. Doorewaard and Staff

pdf document to down load Pregnancy Letter